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Psycho Pass Review by ApexNyanmaru Psycho Pass Review by ApexNyanmaru
So i tought i should some awesome anime reviews just because I feel like it. :D
And the first shall be Psycho-Pass ofc.

Random: ''But Nyanmaru, this's not the right place for dat!''
Dominator: ''Portable Psychological Diagnosis and Suppression System, Dominator, has been activated. User authentication, Inspector ApexNyanmaru. Affiliation: Public Bureau of Awesome, Criminal Investigation Department. Dominator Usage Confirmed. Targets Crime Cofficent level over 9000. Switching to Lethal Elimination. *Randoms guts implode*

So, back on the topic shall we? >:3
NB! This anime contains large pieces of awesome, and bloodshed. Do not watch it if you have weak nerves and don't tolerate that.
You need to have tolerate AT LEAST this [link] It happened all off-screen but you get the point :D

So PSYCHO-PASS is a new anime of this season and is made by the creators of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, which makes it even more awesome.
So PSYCHO-PASS takes place in a futuristic world where justice is served by a so called Sibyl System that measures a person psychological stress levels and puts down a Crime Coefficient. If the person stress levels are normal their 'Hud' will be clear and green. If they are stressed then their 'Hud' becomes 'Cloudy' and starts to go redish. Do maintain peoples Hues clear they let people undergo therapies when their Hue becomes cloudy.
As for the Crime Coefficient is a number that shows the persons possibility as a latent criminal, which allows lame OVER 9000 puns, like the one i did before :D . If the persons Crime Coefficent is at the range of 150 it's somewhat fine and they will be forced to take therapy. If it raises over 300 though, the Sibyl System rates them as not worthy to be a part of society anymore.
And the Police Task Force that hunts down the criminals are he Enforces and Inspectors. The Enforcers are themselves Latent Criminals who were judges by the Sibyl System that they shall not have a place in society, and instead they are to hunt down fellow latent criminals like themselves while only allowed to walk free when a Inspector accompanies them.
As for the Inspector, they are the masters of the lapdogs called Enforcers. They take responsibility for their actions and need to accompany the Enforcers wherever they go, on a incident they can just lay back and let them do the work or help them.
They both use a futuristic High-Tech gun called the Dominator, they can only shoot latent criminals normally its on Paralyzer Mode which just paralyses their targets, when the Crime Cofficient gets too high it switches to Lethal Elimination and kills the target in cold blood.

Now to the awesome plot.
Psycho-Pass is a piece of awesome that sticks up to it's name as the successor of KHR.
It talks about the Inspector Akane Tsunemori who just recently joins the Police Force, a young little girl who looks A LOT like Haru from KHR, that one little girl who never shut up. Our Akane here is a kind hearted person who doesn't want to hurt a innocent person, as the story progresses though she actually gets some 'balls' and shows her own way of handeling the cases and the Enforces.
Our next main character will be the badass love-child of Hibari Kyoya and Toushi from Gintama, Shinya Kougami, an Ex-Inspector who was demoted to a Enforcer when his partner got killed and he went nuts.
The main event in PSYCHO-PASS focuses on these two characters and their little journy to hunt down a rutheless maniac who gives people the ways and materials to kill other people.
The story has an excellent explanation of the fragile human mind and shows the bad side of the human character while also showing excellent character development.
It has Fanservice [link]
And not to forget, cool boys ;3 [link]

I give this anime a straight 10/10. As for the end of every episode, you wish you could accelerate the flow of time till the next week.

So i hope you like this review, which didn't kinda work out as i hoped though but... anyway. Nyanmaru out :D
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nightsworer Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013
Awesome artwork!!! :D
Tenko-Neko Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
actually, amano akira (the creator of REBORN!) only designed the characters :0 the story is written by gen urobuchi
ApexNyanmaru Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
In that case...
Angela17xxx Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
cool :D grt artwork! ^_^
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